Every year Algarve Chefs Week organises a solidarity event to raise funds to children in need in the Algarve: several renowned Chefs united to celebrate their passion and nurture smiles. As one of our selected pro-bono projects, this time we wanted to experiment with a few techniques to create a composition that resorted to Christmas imagery using real life textures and materials.

We’ve been working with the organisation for 3 years now and we wanted to bring a new insight into how children would perceive the communication of the event through the chosen materials – adding a new layer of complexity with handcrafted elements. The visuals were then derived to the different channels, both digital and print, through posters, videos and written content.

The first step of the process was to create a christmas-y fluid calligraphy for the event’s name.


The piece of calligraphy was then vectorised and converted to a stencil to create a flour-based visual element in the composition. Gingerbread man, Christmas trees, snowflakes, chocolate, mistletoe leaves – all these elements were built with paper design and organised around the main flour-based calligraphy.



The composition was photographed and used to create key print elements of the event: flyers, tickets, posters and outdoors.