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KBC0D3 is our manifesto, where you will find our beliefs and core values - it is a written portrait of our DNA.

From KOBU Agency’s team to the World, this is a call for all of those who are willing to join us in our methods and ethics.

Make yourself comfortable. Great work takes time.

One of the main conditions for creativity to flourish is time. Pressure-free time ensures we keep coming up with the coolest ideas.

So, don't rush... Sit back, relax and let us focus on the challenge.

Trouble sleeping?

You may not be able to pinpoint it at first... but we know that every problem has a source.

This is important: You have to identify what it is that really is keeping you from sleeping.

Once you know, we can tackle it. Together.

Invite us in

... or, like an inconvenient friend, we will enter your gates anyway!

Because we really care. We want to know every nook and cranny of your house.

That's why we look for transparent partners with whom we can pair up to achieve the best outcome.

Plan. Act. Measure. Rewind.

Our magic is alchemical. We make a point of our methodical approach.

We plan, set clear objectives and aim for a tangible effect.

Then we allow crazy ideas to pop up.

In data we trust. And so must You.

We are true believers.

We believe in searching for trustworthy information, digesting objective insights and proving our points.

We don't choose directions without checking the path first.

Forever Padawans!

Constant learning is vital. It is a cornerstone of our working ethics.

We are proud learners who take in from experience, from other fellow colleagues, from our clients and from within our own team.

We eagerly feed our knowledge in order to become wiser, clever and enlightened.

Let's make Mama proud. Yours and ours.

We want to feel pride in our work, our ethics and our methods.

We want you to be so very proud of being our partner.

But most of all, we want to be the reason both yours and our Mamas proudly enter any room!

We're all for diversity!

Diversity is our middle name: cultural diversity, social diversity, gender diversity, multidisciplinarity ... You name it!

We are especially moved by the possibility of diving into diverse projects and being able to lay our hands (and minds!) on challenging ideas and concepts.

If you are as for diversity and multiplicity as we are, then please, welcome aboard!


At KOBU we believe in unity as much as we believe in diversity.

We perceive the team's worth, the team's value and the team's success as a combination of each and every individual self.

We stand for the whole, cherishing the differences and acknowledging that our strength comes from everyone's input.

Endeavouring a quest. Sharing a vision.

We are in this from our hearts, envisioning new ways of being at work, in a sustainable world: a team of multiple skilled humans, tuned as an orchestra, tackling challenges through a consistent mindset and sequential steps.

Because we truly believe it, we want to meet partners and join projects as genuinely submerged in this philosophy as we are. So… Are you?

Based on this manifesto, once a year, we select a project to develop fully pro-bono. In doing so, we bring to life many projects whose promoters, most of the times, lack the means to work with branding and marketing agencies, like NGOs or non-profits. We especially look for projects that focus on promoting social responsibility, environmental sustainability, respect for human diversity, or that, in any other way, bring some good to the world. In summary, projects that challenge our creativity and that will surely make both you and us proud!

Submit your project soon!

Calls open in 2023 - we will announce the submission dates soon.