KOBU Photon is a content creation studio part of KOBU Agency, focused on designing brand stories through film, creative photography and motion design.

Over millennia, our human ancestors gathered around campfires, under the dim glimmer of the stars. As this dim light radiated through space, flooding the night with photons that touched our carved faces and retinas, we experimented with empathy and human emotion, learning how to employ storytelling to inform, entertain and inspire our peers.

Embedded in the fundamental nature of light, the dualistic concept of “photon” stirs our sense of reality – it is intrinsically weaved into how we perceive the world.

At KOBU Photon, we explore the weird, mesmerising interplay between bold visuals and stories. The studio is driven by the same guiding principles behind KOBU Agency, positioning itself with an experimental approach whose primary purpose is to reinforce and augment brands and their contents across multiple platforms.

Shall we write the next chapter of our story together?


Building up from KOBU’s strategic approach, we help our clients create Content that spans offline and online touchpoints.

  • Branded Content
  • Content for Digital platforms
  • Films
  • Motion graphics
  • Animation
  • Creative, Product or Editorial Photography