Formerly known as Clube do Ancão, this hospitality brand went through a major restructuring in early 2018. We took the challenge to honour 30 years of history with a rebranding process that repositions the brand for an upscale segment, paving the road for a new era.

With a privileged location, next to Ria Formosa and the Ancão beach, it was an obvious necessity and a clear decision to rename the brand so that it could reflect the current structure of the product: a series of villas, holiday apartments and an hotel targeted mainly for the UK and French markets.

The brand visuals underwent minor changes during the past three decades. In a joint process with the main stakeholders, we decided to look for the first version of their logotype, developed in the 80s, to have a deep understanding of the initial positioning. During this research period it became clear that we would maintain minor elements in the identity reminiscent of the past.


The initial logo comprised a calligraphic naming with a seagull form on top of a sunset, in a blue tone characteristic of the region’s traditional architecture. As a reminder of the proximity to the sea, it made sense to reinvent the seagull onto the new brand while using some stylistic details of the prior word mark.


The symbol was then reconstructed as a line-based abstraction of a seagull, with geometric balance achieved through layered circumferences.


After several iterations of different typefaces, and bearing in mind the intended high-end positioning for the brand, we resorted to a serif font with some visual adaptations that mimic details of the initial calligraphy.

Brand new

The old blue tone was made darker and balanced with a light gold – these became the drivers for the new brand colour palette and were later on applied to all brand stationary and collaterals.

The rationale that guided the rebranding of Ancão Village aimed at appealing to an upscale segment of their target markets, uplifting the visuals while respecting crucial elements of its history.

Ancão Village is now a modern brand, stronger and ready for the years to come.