Case Studies

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Art goes Virtual: Museum in the Village

A virtual museum that breaks traditional boundaries, one where storytelling is vital to understanding the importance of memories and their role in shaping the perception of value, community, art and tradition.


EO.workspace: an unlikely commercial ad

KOBU Agency helped EO.workspace disrupt B2B communication in the competitive tech segment with a new commercial ad based on humour.

Advertising, Creative Films

Rebranding Klarisana: psychedelics for mental health

Rebranding Klarisana, a North American behavioural health brand, drove us into entirely new dimensions to understand the key role of psychedelics in treating severe mental health disorders.

Rebranding, Website

Facialteam: Rebranding to empower transgender women

Facialteam’s rebranding is a case study of how a purposeful brand can positively impact the lives of its communities. More specifically, how facial feminization surgery can dramatically empower transgender women.

Rebranding, Website
Ofelia de Souza movie scene highlight placeholder

Ofelia de Souza:
a cinematic tourism campaign

“The Majestic Adventures of Ofelia de Souza” was envisioned as a promotional film with a cinematic approach, embedded in a campaign from the Porto & North of Portugal Tourism Board, to present the region to the Business Tourism segment.

Advertising, Creative Campaign, Creative Films, Digital Strategy

The Vila 953 Brand: Storytelling Tradition

A branding endeavour that led us to uncover stories from the birth of Portugal to uphold and honour the tradition inherent to the concept of a new Restaurant brand: Vila 953.

Brand Consulting, Branding

New Metrics: a startup matures

As companies grow and mature, brand misalignments may surface. That’s when New Metrics partnered with us to rethink how the brand should be perceived.

Brand Consulting, Rebranding, Website
Cascade Wellness Resort logo with branded colour and texture background

A brand new path for Cascade

A full rebranding of Cascade Wellness Resort revealed a bespoke brand rooted in Portuguese Discoveries on a path to deliver Wellness experiences to travellers.

Brand Consulting, Rebranding
Preview for the Proudly Portugal Case Study featuring a gay couple of surfers

LGBTQ+ Tourism: Proudly in Portugal

Introducing “Proudly Portugal”: the first Portuguese campaign directed at LGBTQ+ travellers.

Brand Consulting, Branding, Creative Campaign, Creative Films, Digital Strategy, Website

Exploring Ombria Resort

Nestled in the hidden gem of Algarve’s countryside, Ombria Resort reached out to us with a creative challenge to strengthen the brand and communicate its values and mission.

Brand Consulting, Digital Strategy

“I Am Monchique”, the Film

A promotional film that goes straight to the source of Água Monchique, a mineral and alkaline water, portraying its springs and the awe-inspiring natural scenery that surrounds them in Monchique.

Creative Films

A startup bringing genetics to its heart

Leading the way with cutting edge biotechnology solutions, HeartGenetics has reshaped how we approach health and wellbeing – its visuals move along while expanding into new and exciting territories.

Brand Consulting, Website

ACW 2018: the vibe!

The 8th edition of this gastronomic event challenged everyone to join renowned Chefs and embrace the Street Food attitude.


An unexpected LAB – 2018

“A strange universe where reality is unexpected” – a motto that guided the 2018 visuals of LAB Terrace.


Celebrating 85 years of Tivoli

Tivoli Hotels & Resorts challenged us to celebrate their 85 years milestone with a digital experience that guided the user through the pivotal moments of its history.

Creative Campaign, Website

Rebranding Ancão Village

A rebranding that upholds 30 years of history, whilst reaffirming the current brand values and positioning.

Brand Consulting, Rebranding

Serenity The Art of Well Being

A story rooted in the pillars of health and wellbeing resulted in this award-winning luxury brand in the wellness sector.


ACW 2017 Christmas Edition

Paper, flour and calligraphy: revisiting this Christmas event communication through paper design and photography – using design to ignite children’s imagination.


Creating LAB Terrace – 2017

LAB Lounge Terrace visuals were born from the study of Ria Formosa’s fauna and flora against the backdrop of the usual cocktail-themed elements.


There is Art in BoCA

The deep connection between life and art unites people together in a way that goes beyond “art for the sake of art”. The biennial BoCA explores a series of cultural institutions acknowledging how transparent and attached society and art really are.